Projects On Deck:

Trees – oil painting on wood carved relieve: This is an homage to my grandfather’s work, one of my favorite pieces he did was in this style. This is a very humbling technique but I’m hoping to produces some byproduct as I practice.

Narced – digital illustration with mixed reality tech: This is going to be a sureal underwater seascape inspired by diving off of the New Jersey coast with some of my best friends. The goal is to do a limited print on huge canvases with augmented reality motion graphics embedded.

Reel – mixed media animation/video: Long overdue reel coming soon. featuring classic frame by frame animation with live action and motion graphics.


3mooon Studio is a creative production house focused on brand development and quality design. Our philosphy is to be nice and solve problems, our target market is people doing the same.

Sketch Pad

I’m trying to stay as sharp as possible with trends and tech, just having fun putting reps in. I always have a notebook with me, this is a digitzed version of the process.


Commited to art, founded with the spirit of entrepreneurship. I want to make some space for a network of friends, this is another project I where prefer to work in analog.

Custom Boards

I love the mountains and have been on a perpetual mission to fuse the inspiration of nature into the freedom of design. More to come on this series and affiliate company, Pigloo.